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This section is intended to publicize blogs like Uma’s, dog bloggers who tell about their adventures and misadventures and, it must be said: we love them!


Lucca the crazy blog


Lucca came into their lives on February 14, 2014 and that’s where the madness began. They went through pregnancy, childbirth, puppies, emergency sterilization, overcoming fears… During all that time, her human realized that finding useful information about it on the Internet was very difficult. There are many articles written on all these topics, but many of them are very technical or contradictory to each other.

All of this encouraged him to create a blog and tell his story and try to help people by dealing, in a way that any pet owner can understand, with health and training issues. This is how » The Adventures of Crazy Lucca » was born on April 4, 2015, more than a year ago. And what was born as something small has been growing little by little thanks to all its followers.

With the arrival of Zelda the cat at their house unexpectedly and the loss of Eddie, the blog was paralyzed for a few months until their lives returned to normal, returning stronger than ever and expanding its advice to cat owners as well. .


In the blog you can find, apart from its history, advice on health and training for dogs and cats. When we have a problem, the ideal is to consult with a specialist, but many times it is good to read something about it to be informed about what is happening to our furry friend and to be able to understand it. In addition, articles are also included about the products and services that they have tried and liked, and information about them so that you can check if they suit your needs.

Just a week ago they inaugurated a new section on »The Friends of Lucca», so that the furry friends of their readers and friends can also be protagonists of the blog. They love hearing your stories! They all have something incredible.

Its administrator, Celia, comments that all of us who have a blog write for ourselves but above all for our followers. A very rewarding moment is when we know that the information we share has been useful to one of our readers. For this reason, one of the most special moments that she experienced with the blog was when she received the gratitude of one of her readers, who upon reading an article about Struvite Crystals on the blog, discovered that the behavior of her dog was not It was normal. After a visit to the veterinarian, they found that she was suffering from a urine infection that she overcame with treatment and now she is 100% recovered.

You can follow the adventures of Lucca and Zelda in The Adventures of Lucca La Loca .


dachshund hours

Teckel Hours is a blog run by Elisabet, who is passionate about dogs. With the blog she aims to convey her love for dogs and how she enjoys balanced and happy dogs and to be able to help others so that their dogs are also happy.

In this blog that began its existence in January 2017 you will find different topics such as food, sewing, activities, training… which are small ideas that can help you in your daily life with your dog.
Pinza and Swing, two very friendly dachshunds, are her two greatest allies and without them the blog would not have been possible.
We invite you to discover all kinds of tips, recipes, doggy activities and ideas for making things by hand, which is what I have fallen in love with this blog the most.
Also, don’t miss the opportunity to follow her on her different social networks that you will find on the same blog. I already follow her closely on Instagram .