Dukier: conjuntos de paseo de diseño para perros

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conjuntos de paseo de diseño para perros

I mean, you couldn’t go more divine on a walk! If you don’t know the Dukier brand , you’re already taking a while to get to know it because as soon as you visit its online store… you’re going to love everything you see.

We, who are big fans of going together , are now big fans of Dukier because they only have 6 designs, but you could keep them all! Collars, harnesses and leashes combined with spectacular designs and the best quality.

Dukier: super cool ride sets

Of all the walking outfits that Dukier has in its online showcase, we have opted for a more summery model, the one with watermelons, so we can show off all summer long on our walks. Look how wonderful:

From the moment you open the Dukier box you realize the love they put into the things they make . And Dukier’s team has only recently started but they have gone all out. Both the original and fun design of its accessories, as well as the variety of fabric, finishes and hooks are of excellent quality.

Dukier: designs for very original dog walks

As I said, they have opted for 6 designs: Watermelon (watermelon motifs), Cupcakes (donut motifs), Skulls (skull motifs), Rainbow (unicorn motifs), Savana (leopard motifs) and Ducks (rubber duck motifs) that you can combine with both classic and reversible collars, harnesses and leashes in two sizes: the most common size and a longer one. So you will see that it will not be easy for you to decide on one of their models. You’re going to want them all!

The model we have chosen is the «Watermelon» one, because when it was released in summer it seemed like the most refreshing outfit. The fact that it is reversible allows us to enjoy two different fabrics in one piece. The leash has a neoprene-lined handle to make it softer and more comfortable to carry, with a generous metal carabiner attachment that is very easy to attach (much easier than traditional attachments). Between collar, reversible harness and classic harness, we opted for the classic harness, since it seemed the coolest and most comfortable for these high temperatures.

designer dog walking sets

So cute!

designer dog walking sets

Attention to details.


What I like most about Dukier is the possibility you have of going out together for a walk . It’s a bummer to wear a collar made of a different material and color than the leash, because it doesn’t look anything. You just have to go out for a walk combined for the dog to look much better, and with these cute and colorful designs, it is not surprising that it draws attention for looking divine, divine.

We are in love! Discover the models in their online store: Dukier

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5 comentarios

celeste 23/06/2017 - 13:01

buenos días:
que bonito es el conjunto de sandias. Ademas, Uma te queda genial. Uno de los problemas que suelo encontrar es que, aunque cada vez mas hay mas personas que realizan los collares de manera «artesanal», siendo todos preciosos, me encuentro que la gran mayoría son para «hembras». Encontrar un collar que me guste no es problema pero uno que sea de machote para Logan es casi misión imposible jeje. A Mi amiga Ina de PatitasBarcelona la tengo frita buscando alguna tela de malote que me guste jeje, pero se que lo conseguirá. Ahora poco a poco a empezado a introducir collares mas «masculinos» para los perretes mas machotes.
Quizás soy muy tiquismiquis, si total Logan no se va a quejar del collar que le ponga, pero si es cierto que me gusta que vaya muy guapo y conjuntado y que no sigan confundiéndole con una perrita, jajaj..
Preciosos los diseños de Dukier y preciosa Uma con tu nuevo conjunto.

Un abrazo a todos

admin 23/06/2017 - 15:30

Jajaja, te creo. El modelo de calaveras es muy macho!! Muchas gracias por tus bonitos comentarios siempre! Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuak!!!

Covadonga 11/07/2017 - 15:08

Hola. Los arneses vienen con la correa a juego o hay que cogerla aparte?? Gracias!!

admin 11/07/2017 - 16:15

Hola Covadonga! Puedes hacer las combinaciones que quieras, todo se vende suelto: collar con correa, o arnés con correa o suelto, o combinar diferentes estampados… ¡Son súper bonitos!


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