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GuauLove Box

How we like dog boxes and if they are Premium… even more! What does Premium mean? Quality. And the GuauLove Box dog crate exudes quality as soon as you open it.

Many of you probably know different dog boxes and many of you will also believe that they are all the same. Well, they are not, and I want to highlight the differences of this box compared to the rest of the boxes:

  • It is not a monthly subscription box , that is, you are not obliged to stay for a minimum of months or worry about unsubscribing. You like this box, you buy it and that’s it. And if the following month, you like the next box, you also buy it, and if not, there is no commitment to permanence.
  • Its content is quality . As I said, it is a Premium box, that is, it is not a box that contains product samples, but rather products selected with great care to satisfy the most demanding dog.
  • In any box they bring you, as I mentioned, samples of food, snacks, hygiene products and some toys. In this box, the toys are quality, there are such original products that you would never find in other boxes such as bandanas or bow ties, the food and snacks are totally natural.
  • In which dog crate do you take your human into account ? Well, in this one they have the detail of remembering us, and they always add a detail for us.
  • Pay attention to this thing that I love: every month, PetLove Box holds a raffle among all the photos that are uploaded to Instagram and Facebook tagging the photo with #PetLoveBox and the month and year (for example, this month’s hastag would be #petloveboxoctubre2017, with the possibility of winning a free box in the draw, just by uploading your photo on your Facebook or Instagram profile!

This month, and as it could not be otherwise, the GuauLove Box is horror: Halloween! And we couldn’t have liked the theme more. We are big fans of Halloween and we love all the items related to Halloween, and if you also think about our furry ones, they totally conquer us.

And this is what has happened to us with the GuauLove Box! That has conquered us! Look how wonderful:

But, let’s look at product by product and in detail the contents of the GuauLove Box dog box :

A stuffed spider

WowLove Box

Look, spiders make me sick, but this stuffed spider is something to eat. When you touch it, it is soft to the touch but it is resistant, a quality toy so that it lasts as long as possible for the dog’s games with it, no matter how rough it may be. The best of all is that it has a sound that is only audible to dogs, so they can have a great time making the bug «beep» and you while you don’t notice anything. What a good idea!

Mediterranean Natural Snacks

WowLove Box

We have already told you in this blog about Serrano Snacks, chemical-free and grain-free dog treats, for the most sensitive and exquisite dogs. Snacks are ideal to carry in your bag and give as a reward when the dog behaves well, thus helping to reinforce good behavior while nourishing our dog. Uma devours them! And what about the pumpkin that accompanies it? What point!

Halloween bow tie

WowLove Box

We couldn’t have been more amused by the Halloween bow tie! With all the details of a horror bow tie: with its mandatory black and orange colors, its tulle detail and that pumpkin protagonist in the center. Brutal!


WowLove Box

This bandana has driven us crazy! What a detail! If there is one accessory that I love for Uma, it is the bandana. We already have a good collection to show off, but we must confess that we didn’t have one for Halloween. Cool print to wear this fall!

Zooplus Organic Wet Food

WowLove Box

Pay attention to the details of the can of Zooplus Bio wet food: ingredients of turkey, pumpkin, zucchini and millet. Don’t tell me that the pumpkin detail is not total? It wasn’t until I carefully read the ingredients that I realized the detail of the pumpkin. Well, it is clear what Uma will eat on the 31st… And as I mentioned in the video: natural ingredients, without chemicals or toxins.

Sweets skewer

WowLove Box

But how excited I was that the box had a detail for me! And neither more nor less than a skewer of horror jelly beans… Anaconda and salamander seasoned with pumpkins… Seriously, these cucadas melt me. I already have them reserved for my horror movie marathon on the 31st…

Well, and how to get the GuauLove Box dog box? As easy as going to their website, PetLove Box , and selecting the number of boxes you want. So easy and simple.

This Premium box is ideal as a special gift for your dog or a great gift for a dog lover. You won’t let him down!

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