Hocicos Box de julio: una caja para perros muy top

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hocicos box

Happiness happiness! His distaste for the heat has gone away with the arrival of the Hocicos Box home… He has been so excited that he has hurt the postman in… ahem… his noble parts! With that I say it all… Bringing a box home for the postman is already a danger to his physical integrity.

And it’s no wonder… Look at the amazing content and how Uma receives it!

But, let’s go article by article, breaking down each one to find out more about Casa Uno:


box snouts

If there is one thing I have to highlight about dog subscription boxes, it is being able to discover new and surprising products like this food supplement that effectively helps with constipation, diarrhea or anal gland problems. And this food that comes in powder form and is added to the dog’s meals helps its intestinal transit in no time. Pumpkin and apple, so on top of that it is a delight for our dogs.


box snouts

I would dare to say that of all the feeds that exist, Alpha Spirit is one of the best quality. With natural ingredients, cold pressed, that means it keeps all the nutrients intact and delicious. If they are used as a snack and also for food, you can imagine how tasty they are. Uma loves it.


box snouts

If you have seen the video you already know the reception the toy has had… Ideal for water games in the pool. With a waterproof fabric, it floats and becomes your dog’s best ally if he wants to throw toys into the water.


box snouts

These little balls are going to fly fast. Small and natural, without cereals and with chicken as the main ingredient. A delight for your senses and ideal to carry in your bag.


box snouts

What a pleasant surprise to discover Churpi snacks… We already knew it and we are big fans. Uma loves their flavor and they are made with Himalayan cheese. Superior quality, seriously.

Box Snouts

If you want a box like this, this month will surprise you with this content. But also, with the code UMA you will get an extra toy as a gift. How cool is it? Do not lose this chance!

I invite you to visit the  Hocicos Box website  and discover the care and affection they put into all their boxes.

We’re on fire!

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