Patasbox del mes de septiembre: la caja espacial para perros

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How original is the Patasbox monthly subscription box for dogs this month! Dedicated entirely to the space, with a dog mask included. How we laughed with Uma!

We have a problem when the Patasbox arrives at our house… Uma already knows that the box is for her, but when the postman arrives he attacks her as if there were no tomorrow, and then they have a fixation with the box that doesn’t work. It stops until we open it… And when we open it… there is no way to do it without destroying it.

Look at the video:

But, we go detail by detail with each product in this space box, with pardon for the appearance of the box that, as you have seen in the video, Uma has been in charge of giving it her touch so that it looks with her signature:


box legs

A superspace ball because it even has its little alien antennas that you can fill with treats and keep your dog well entertained for a long time. When the dog squeezes it it creaks like a plastic bottle.


box legs

Of course, the team at the Miguitas canine bakery works very hard when it comes to making cookies. Because this alien couldn’t be nicer or richer. Uma has been trying to eat her for half an hour because she is hard, hard, and that allows her to be entertained for a few good minutes and at the same time clean her teeth, preventing gingivitis.

The cookie is made with natural ingredients, it does not contain any coloring or chemical preservatives: apple, carrot, honey, olive oil, wheat flour, yogurt coverage and food coloring.


box legs

Although the title says Choc, the truth is that they do not contain chocolate, they have only worked on the appearance to make it more attractive to us. The truth is that these sweets are made with milk, cereals and sugars. We’ll tell you!


box legs

Rubber ring that smells like strawberry and makes even me want to bite it. An original toy that will be great to complete the toy box we have since until now we did not have any toy like this. To launch it is great!


box legs

What a find! It turns out that it is a spray that is totally harmless to dogs but it must smell like something that they must not like at all. You have already seen in the video that Uma doesn’t even like throwing it out. And it is a spray that you can spray on anything you want that is usually the subject of bites by your dog. In our case, the truth is that Uma never bites anything nor does she ever break things, but to prevent her from stealing socks, she is going to do great for us!

And this has been the Patasbox space box. How I like themes! Every month we look forward to the boxes and next month they are going to surprise us with a Halloween box!

If you liked the space box and want to have one, you can get it for half price, before they run out! For only €9.90 you can get this box whose contents are valued at more than €30. As? Simply when you go to make the payment, write the word UMA in the “Coupon” box and you will see how the box automatically costs you half. Do not lose this chance!

We are going to enjoy it now!

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2 comentarios

Celeste 18/09/2017 - 10:35

buenos días familia:
como me he reído con el video: la desesperación de Uma por la caja, el «pánico» al spray y por la última la careta de astronauta jeje…
La idea de patasbox la encuentro tan buena y tan ideal para nuestros perros … la lástima que aunque mire cada mes el contenido de la caja, aunque a mi me guste se que a Logan no… como puedo tener un perro tan especial jeje …
Igualmente la iniciativa es muy buena y se que muchos perros disfrutan como es el caso de Uma.
Feliz inicio de semana
Besos y lametones

admin 21/10/2017 - 12:29

Celeste! Sí! Uma cada vez que llega una caja a casa… se vuelve loca! Parece tal cuál una niña, superilusionada con vr el contenido de su caja… Es para comérsela!
Un abrazo!!


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