Una caja de regalo navideña para perros, por Patasbox

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caja navideña para perros

If you are thinking of giving something to your dog or the dog of a family member or friend, the Patasbox December box is a great choice. Super Christmassy and with divine things that any dog ​​will love!

christmas dog box

A bag with three different prize packs . We have candy for a month! In the form of balls, bones and pills. Who gives more?


A Christmas cookie from «Miguitas» . You already know that «Miguitas» is the official dog bakery well known for making all its cookies with natural ingredients. In this case, this Christmas cookie is made with apple, carrot, olive oil and whole wheat flour. Come on, I don’t eat it myself because it doesn’t have sugar or else I’ll have a bad mouthful!


Some skin sticks. Because there is nothing like entertaining your dog than chewing on a good leatherette stick.


A Santa Claus toy. It’s rubber and squeaks. Well, well, Uma loved it. She whistles so much that she engages in conversations with the doll that leaves us amazed. What will she tell him?


A giant turkey treat . The day he gives her that piece of candy she won’t need to eat.


A sample of Óptima feed . That extra that I appreciate so much because I take the samples with me on the days we go hiking all day. What is hungry? Well, we take the feed package out of the backpack and it’s going great.


As you can see, it is a super complete Christmas box that will delight your dog. Because he also deserves to have his little gift under the tree! And if you want to get it for half price…

Use the code UMABLOG when making payment and you will get a 50% discount. That is, you will not pay €16.90, but only €8.45. Do not lose this chance! Remember that the box is valued at more than €30 and shipping is free. Find out here: PATASBOX

And if you’re still thinking about it, maybe you should see Uma enjoying the Santa Claus who brought her this super box…

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LissAngel 19/12/2016 - 23:19

Muy interesante esa PatasBox. Os dejamos, para el que le interese, una caja relacionada con perros, pero ésta es para humanos 🙂



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