Unboxing de la caja para perros «Patasbox» del mes de mayo

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And the month of May «Patasbox» surprises us with a themed box called… Wild Adventure! And its content has surprised us a lot, because really everything is related to the wild… Look, look:

Uma, elated as always with her Patasbox, she loves it! So let’s find out why she likes him so much detail by detail.



We are big fans of the Sanidog brand, and at home we already have two kinds of wipes: normal wet wipes to remove the most superficial dirt, and mitten-shaped wipes for a deeper cleaning and with a perfume… Wonderful. But now he has surprised us with a package of 50 wipes to clean the paws. Super happy! To the bag it goes.



We were unaware of this brand of natural food and it has surprised us greatly with its ingredients: chicken, papaya and rice. Nothing else. Without preservatives or chemical colorings, so we couldn’t be more grateful to Patasbox for betting on quality food.


A guide for those who travel with dogs where there is a list of pet-friendly accommodations, beaches where you can go with your dog, tips for traveling… Well, a great guide. And on top of that we go out! What an illusion, hey!


3 pipettes to scare away fleas and ticks as the heat arrives, and these parasites burn with passion to stay on one of our furry animals to suck their blood. How awful! That is why it is so important to prevent them with antiparasitics. And for a good adventure you need to be prepared!


Can you have a nicer face? Because what an adventure you can live if you find a real wild boar, with how brutal they are, but this one is meant to be eaten. It’s a nice whistle, it’s made of rubber and Uma, while I’m writing, is going to hit you with the whistle…


And finally, in this super-charged box, a toy to throw and play tug of war thanks to the hoop and rope.

My goodness, what adventures can be had with this box!

If you want one just like it, you can get it for half price, before they run out! For only €9.90 you can get this box whose contents are valued at more than €30. As? Simply when you go to the Patasbox website   and make the payment, write the word  UMA in the “Coupon” box  and you will see how the box automatically costs you half. Do not lose this chance!


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loli20 - Aves EXOTICAS 25/05/2018 - 19:28

Esta genial la cajita, el juguete a mi perra seguro que le gusta


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