«En la mente de un perro», un libro para profundizar en el conocimiento de tu perro

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en la mente de un perro

» In the mind of a dog » is a book for those dog lovers who want to go further and understand canine psychology in depth, and therefore, dog behavior. It is not a book about training a dog or a novel about dogs. It is a practically scientific test of how a dog sees and feels the world.

In the mind of a dog

As I mentioned, if you want to delve deeper into canine psychology, this is a good book to read. Its writer, Alexandra Horowitz, is a professor at Columbia University and has written several books related to cognition, both in humans and animals. In fact, in this book, there are numerous examples about other animals besides the dog that she tells us to give more clarity to different concepts related to animal behavior and how they differ from ours.

in the mind of a dog

Alexandra emphasizes the importance of smell for dogs, as much as our eyes do for us. If everything around us «enters» us mainly through our eyes, the same thing happens to dogs but through their sense of smell, but it also delves into how they perceive the world through their eyes, their ears, how they He communicates orally but also through non-verbal communication and above all he emphasizes the importance of respecting his species as such.

Once you read the book you realize how differently a dog sees the world and how necessary it is for its emotional balance to be treated like what it is, a dog. Although the dog is the animal that best adapts to us when it comes to living together, we do not make things easier for it to adapt while respecting its species, treating it in most cases as a mini human, falling into the error of humanization .

This book opens up a new way of seeing the dog and, above all, of understanding it, in a way that allows us to apply this knowledge to improve our relationship with it and, above all, to be more empathetic.

A highly recommended book for those adopters who want to delve deeper into how the dog perceives the world around it at a scientific level.

I personally liked it, although there were times when it became somewhat repetitive and I had plenty of scientific examples with animals that were not dogs. But, barring these small flaws, I think it is a book that every adopter should read, it would undoubtedly help the adopter’s relationship with the dog improve considerably.

You can buy it on Amazon .

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Serafin 18/05/2018 - 13:38

Pues ya me quedo con ganas de leerlo, porque Harry cada día me sorprende más. Qué habrá dentro de su cabecita peluda…


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