Hocicos Box de octubre: ¡se acerca Halloween!

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hocicos box

How cool the Hocicos Box box is! We are going to enjoy it very much… Uma loved it!

First, we show you the unboxing and the Uma high with the box and then I will tell you detail by detail about each product:

How cool is it? We are going to know each product in detail.

Box Snouts

Mhims wet food

box snouts

We love Mhims, Uma literally devours him. It is super tasty and very digestible. And most importantly: 100% natural. Its ingredients? Fresh chicken (42%), rice, brewer’s yeast, potato, 1% vegetables (carrot, leek and broccoli), ground peas, salmon oil, flax oil, sea krill, olive oil, rosemary, cloves and grapefruit. I can’t tell you how good it smells… even my mouth is watering.

Mediterranean Natural ham skewer

box snouts

You know very well how much we are fans of Mediterranean Natural and you are going to enjoy this skewer of Serrano ham, it is a pleasure… A real delicacy to entertain the dog for a long time.

Pawise plush toysnoutsbox

There are no more words to add if you have seen the video. He loves the little monster! In addition to beeping when she squeezes, her limbs also have sounds so Uma is going crazy. The touch is spectacular and it is an explosion of colors.

I think Return


Retorn feed is a complete food that is also 100% natural. Contains: fresh lamb meat (30%), rice (25%), dehydrated lamb meat (20%), chicken fat (8%), peas, potatoes, dehydrated beet pulp, linseed, hydrolyzed liver, yeast, salt seaweed flour and cassava.

Cloth bag dispenser


What hands this girl has! Handmade bags by @_lapeligro with monster prints paying homage to Halloween, easily attached to the dog’s leash. We love!

Discount at Squeaky


A discount of 20 euros for your purchase at Squeaky, which is BRAF food, on purchases over 95 euros.

Handmade soaps for humans


I swear I thought they were some snacks for the dog, something baked without sugar, although from the look they looked like they were made entirely of sugar and I almost wanted to eat them, but no, they are handmade soaps! And in the shape of a footprint… How cute and how good they smell…

How have you been? Because we have become wider than long.

Box Snouts

If you want a box like this, this month will surprise you with this content. But also, with the code UMA you will get an extra toy as a gift. How cool is it? Do not lose this chance!

I invite you to visit the  Hocicos Box website  and discover the care and affection they put into all their boxes.

Happy Halloween!

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