La caja de Halloween de Patasbox del mes de octubre

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How I love themed boxes! And being October, it could not be other than a terrifying box for Halloween. And what surprises does this October box from Patasbox have in store for us? Look look:

Crazy! but let’s see, photo by photo, each article:



We are big fans of «Miguitas» because of how she makes cakes for dogs without chemicals and with natural ingredients. In this terrifying box they have surprised us with two terrifying cupcakes: A «Bat» cookie made with apple, carrot, cinnamon, natural honey, olive oil, whole wheat flour and natural yogurt coverage and a «Pumpkin» Muffin made with apple , carrot, egg, olive oil, whole wheat flour and natural yogurt coverage. If even I feel like it!


box legs

This tablet has a catch, because as you know, chocolate is very toxic for dogs, that is why this tablet is made with meat, dairy products, vegetables and only 3% cocoa, an amount that does not affect the dog. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard and give, for example, an ounce a day as a reward. Mmmm… how delicious!



We love the lamb and beef tin. We have already tried it and Uma couldn’t like it more. In one go and almost without breathing he eats his can of Edgar&Cooper. We love it because it is made with natural ingredients, without chemicals or grains. It has 67% meat, carrots, apples, omega 3 oil… Super nutritious!



A nice rubber toy that beeps with very bright colors that Uma loved.



Natural gluten-free and chemical-free treats made with fish, manufactured with oral hygiene in mind. While chewing, tartar is prevented. Plus, it comes with a 15% discount coupon on your next purchase.


box legs

And a tattoo for humans, so that we don’t get jealous of our furry friends’ items. Thank you Patasbox!

If you liked the Halloween box and want to have one, you can get it for half price, before they run out! For only €9.90 you can get this box whose contents are valued at more than €30. As? Simply when you go to Patasbox and go to make the payment, write the word UMA in the “Coupon” box and you will see how the box automatically costs you half. Do not lose this chance!

Very happy and spooky Halloween!

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