Unboxing de Patasbox del mes de junio: «Los vigilantes de la playa»

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Please, the Patasbox boxes can’t make me laugh more . The themes are great and it is impossible not to laugh when you open the box and, for example, find yourself face to face with Mitch Buchannon because the box, with the arrival of summer, is dedicated to Baywatch… Then you ask yourself: what will be inside the box?

Well look:

Very funny! And with many things to eat… But let’s look at each product photo by photo:



How much Uma liked the life-saving float toy! What a toy… It’s perfect for throwing into the pool and since it floats, the dog can enjoy long days in the water.



Stuzzy presents us with a wet food exclusively made of meat. Yes, the only ingredient it has is chicken and chicken broth, so I can already imagine what Uma is going to enjoy… Also, most important of all: gluten-free, grain-free and chemical-free.



And continuing with the natural, this tub in the form of chicken, lamb and vegetable mousse looks great. I gave it to Uma and it didn’t last a minute, so to say she was good is an understatement.



Great snack! Natural too, of course, from venison, turnip, seaweed, spirulina, blueberries and with a peculiarity: you can give him a snack as it comes in the package, or, you can put all the snacks in a bowl, add warm water, wait a few minutes and have a succulent meal for your dog. So original!



I had confused the bottle of salmon oil with shampoo, however, coming prepared like this is very appreciated. Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and is ideal for adding a small amount to your feed so that you want to eat it more, and at the same time, it nourishes you like no other. Very happy!

If you want the same box, you can get it for half price, before they run out! For only €9.90 you can live the experience of receiving this box whose contents are valued at more than €30. As? Simply when you go to the Patasbox website   and make the payment, write the word  UMA in the “Coupon” box  and you will see how the box automatically costs you half. Do not lose this chance!

And enjoy the pool!

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