10 mentiras sobre los perros que te han intentado colar

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mentiras sobre los perros

They have told us so many things from so many sides that we always end up hitting on something.

Today I was encouraged to write this post as a result of one of the biggest lies that almost cost the life of an acquaintance’s dog.

I would like you to be honest and tell me in the comment if any of these lies had been passed on to you or not. Shall we start?

Lies about the dogs that have tried to sneak you in

Lie 1: Dogs should give birth at least once in their lives.

This is the lie that almost cost a friend’s dog her life.

She had always believed that dogs had to give birth at least once in their lives «to feel fulfilled» and then her idea was to sterilize her.

Well, her dog, a 2-year-old French Bulldog, suffered suffering and pain from all the complications of pregnancy and childbirth, in which not only the puppies were in danger but also herself.

Fortunately, everything ended in a scare and only one puppy died, and it cost her no more and no less than 1,800 euros for all the veterinary expenses incurred by this litter.

Now the dog is already sterilized but let’s be clear: dogs do not have that desire to give birth and have offspring.

They are all hormones, so if they are sterilized you will not only save them from the entire hormonal storm that jealousy and the brutal stress they go through, but you will also be preventing numerous diseases and cancers in the long term.

I was so clear that I sterilized Uma at 6 months, just before her first heat.

Do you think his character has changed? I would say that she has become more childish because she is a whirlwind, and what do you want me to say about gaining weight, Uma is the complete opposite, she is skinny to the point that there are people who tell me if I give her enough food…

Lie 2: Pitbulls are aggressive from birth

You don’t know how sad I feel when dogs are labeled when the reality is that there are more attacks by small breed dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkis than by Pitbulls and other PPPs.

What is the truth? The truth is that there is a genetic predisposition to develop aggression, but it will be up to us to prevent that predisposition from being activated.

All dogs are born without being aggressive, but the relationship with the environment will be key to whether it is aggressive or not, regardless of the breed.

Lie 3: Dogs eat grass because it helps them purge.

When Uma sometimes tries to eat grass and I tell her no, my mother always tells me to leave her alone, that she needs to purge.

The truth is that there are several reasons why a dog eats grass: tummy pain, lack of nutrients, stress… but the biggest cause that pushes dogs to eat grass is… because they like it!

So we can safely prevent them from eating because the only thing they achieve is irritating their stomach.

Lie 4: Dog saliva heals

How many times have we heard the saying: let him suck the wound that his saliva heals ? Well, it’s a lie.

Licking can clean the wound, which we must prevent it from doing because that is what we are here for: to clean the wound with serum or iodine as the veterinarian tells us.

Letting him lick his wounds can cause the wound to take time to heal as it is always wet and even cause infections.

So no, your saliva is not healing.

Lie 5: One year of a dog is equivalent to 5 of ours if it is small and 7 if it is large.

Nothing of that. He determined that it was someone who did some quick calculations and his logic told him that this was so.

But the years of the dogs depend on their size.

While small dog breeds live longer, the larger the dog the less life expectancy it has.

This has a scientific explanation . In this comparative table of human age – dog age you can see the equivalence.

Lie 6: There are breeds that should have their tails or ears cut.

Well, this is the milk, thank goodness they have already approved the ban on the mutilation of ears and tails in dogs!

But recently I met a person who had cut the ears and tail of his Pitbull and when I asked him why? He answered that because these breeds have to be cut.

I asked him why again, and he told me, he didn’t know!

And when I asked him the meaning, he told me that he hadn’t thought about it, that he believed that since it was like that, he had to do it. You have to have few lights!

In addition to the fact that it is a very painful operation for the dog, they are restricting the canine language they have (very important in both ears and tail) and only for aesthetic reasons. A horror!

Lie 7: A hot truffle means fever

Well no. I must confess that I have thought that too, but that is not the case.

It must be taken into account that our dogs have an average body temperature of 38.5 and 39.2°C, while ours is 36ºC, so it may seem normal for us to be alarmed when we notice the nose is very hot, thinking that it has a fever.

The truth is that we can only tell if you have a fever using a rectal thermometer. Here you have more information to know if your dog has a fever or not .

Lie 8: A dog’s wagging tail means he’s happy.

Well, mind you, not always. That is, it doesn’t just mean that.

The wagging of a dog’s tail means that the dog is happy but it can also mean that he is nervous and doesn’t even want you to come near him.

How to distinguish it? Very simply: if the tail movement is accompanied by a movement of the hips, if the dog is seen relaxed, even with its ears relaxed and its mouth open, it is a clear example that the dog is content and happy, however, If he moves his tail but his body is rigid, his ears are rigid and his body is positioned forward, it is a clear sign that he is challenging us, so it is better to leave the caresses and approaches for another time.

Lie 9: Mixed dogs do not get sick

I will always remember when Uma, who is mixed race, at two months old developed prolapse of her third eyelid.

Nothing serious but it was something that had to go through surgery. Well, I had the typical friend who chewed my ear saying: didn’t you say that mixed-breed dogs didn’t get sick?

All as a result of a debate we had that I was pro-adoption of mixed-breed dogs because they were the ones with the least chance of being adopted and because they got sick less and he was more of a purebred dog because he knew what character they were going to have, what they were going to be like. physically, etc.

Well, you don’t know how upset I got about this topic! Of course, mixed-breed dogs can get sick, but obviously, a purebred dog has many more options due to a simple clear fact: genetic load.

A mixed breed responds much better to diseases than a purebred dog due to the fact that it does not have as much hereditary burden.

But come on, here you see Uma whose only problem she had is suffering from prolapse, something not serious and that even allows many dogs whose humans do not want to operate on them to live peacefully.

I did it out of fear that his tear gland would dry out and I would finally lose it.

Lie 10: Dogs who eat walls do so because they have low levels of calcium.

Hello? But what enlightened person came up with such an idea?

No dog would think of eating walls due to lack of calcium.

If there are dogs that eat walls, it is because they are dogs with such high levels of anxiety that they take it with the wall, just as other dogs take it by biting furniture, gutting cushions, barking non-stop or making holes in the garden.

No calcium supplement will change the dog’s attitude if it is not provided with sufficient physical exercise or educated to cope with separation anxiety better (because it is a coincidence that it decides to take its calcium ration from the wall when it is left alone. , why wouldn’t you take your calcium supplement when you’re with the family?)…

lies about dogs

Anyway, I have selected these 10 lies that are the most common, but there are many myths and very absurd ones, like the one that Dobermans’ brains grow more than their heads and they go crazy, or that dogs only see. in black and white, or that dogs howl for bad omens…

And you? Have you ever been sneaked in?

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26 comentarios

Hayde 22/02/2018 - 15:32

Hola, pues fíjate que los que no había escuchado, son el de la fiebre y el de morder las paredes por falta de calcio, lo de los perros agresivos, si que lo sabía, yo tenía un Doberman, y la gente ni pasaba por enfrente de la casa jajaja, no sabían que en realidad era una ternurita con nosotros.

admin 22/02/2018 - 16:50

Desde luego, pobres Dobermans… menuda fama durante muchísimos años! Saludos!

Lara Rodriguez 22/02/2018 - 16:07

Es alucinante el nivel de desconocimiento q tenemos de nuestros compañeros peludos. Cuando m viene a vivir por estos Lares escuche a una clienta que le decía a otra: » Es normal que los perros tengan pulgas». Nos quedamos muertas mi compañera y yo, e intentamos explicarle a la buena Sra que eso no era así, sin ningún éxito. En fin, poco a poco irán cambiando las cosa, o eso espero.

admin 22/02/2018 - 16:49

Exacto! Es como decir: «es normal que los humanos tengamos piojos»… Un saludo!

Elisabeth 23/02/2018 - 17:04

La verdad es que todas jajajajaja,precisamente estuvimos estudiando esto en clase de primeros auxilios de veterinaria,estudio modificación de conducta y nos dan clases de todo.Me ha gustado que lo hicieras ya que mucha gente desconocemos esto si no se estudia,GRACIAS

admin 23/02/2018 - 20:01

Muchas gracias por tus palabras, Elisabeth! Un saludo!!

María Cruz Romera Gutiérrez 24/02/2018 - 16:02

También hay mucha gente que piensa que en un piso no se debe tener un perro, porque no tiene «suficiente espacio» pero ven estupendo tener al perro en una parcela sin sacarle jamás a pasear a otro sitio y permanentemente solo…..en fin allá cada uno.

admin 25/02/2018 - 01:48

Exacto! Esa es otra de las mentiras y gordas y super comunes!!

Anita 08/05/2019 - 22:46

A mí lo que me quieren colar los de la veterinaria y la gente de mi alrededor que tienen perro es : que esterilize a mi perrita porque si no va a tener cáncer. Fíjate que no me lo creo. Porque no nos esterilizamos nosotras mismas para no tener cáncer de útero?!! Si muchas mujeres desgraciadamente sufren esa enfermedad , pero eso no significa que tenemos que quitar los ovarios a todas las mujeres.

Javier 24/08/2019 - 14:43

Castrar si, pero revisaría lo de los 6 meses porque aún no hay desarrollo completo. Visite a su veterinario.

admin 25/08/2019 - 12:21

Exacto, Javier!

aurora 27/02/2018 - 15:06

Me dicen que los pastores alemanes con los años se vuelven contra sus dueños y los atacan ,que se vuelven locos eso es verdad ?

admin 27/02/2018 - 20:46

Claro que no, Aurora! Puedes estar tranquila. Todo es educación, ejercicio físico y mucho amor. Son los ingredientes perfectos para tener un perro equilibrado.
Un saludo!

loly 28/02/2018 - 19:04

hola! en el punto dos, no estoy deacuerdo, cuando dices que tienen una predisposición genética a desarrollar agresión, pienso, que todos los perros tienen esa predisposición, lo que pasa que el daňo que puede causa un perro grande y cuya boca /mandíbula tiene una gran fuerza…. a eso le aňadimos el problema de muchos «dueňos» que provocan esa agresión, a mi entender xq son unos hp, por eso la fama de los pop.

admin 28/02/2018 - 19:14

Hola Loly! La predisposición genética es real. Por ponerte un ejemplo de PPP: El pitbull como el 80% de razas actuales están originadas por el hombre, es decir, por nosotros. El hombre fue el que mezcló varias razas que tuvieran ciertas características que hicieran un perro fuerte, valiente y agresivo y consiguieron el Pitbull. El Pitbull fue creado en sus inicios como perro de pelea contra toros. El propio Club Kennel quien fue el primer Club Oficial en reconocer la raza como tal lo describe como un perro fuerte, seguro de sí mismo, valiente y decidido. A esta raza le gusta agradar y está lleno de entusiasmo […] Debido a que la mayoría de los American Pit Bull Terriers presentan cierto nivel de agresividad contra otros perros, así como el hecho de su bienestar físico potente, la raza necesita propietarios que lo hagan socializar cuidadosamente con otros perros y lo eduquen para su obediencia. El American Pit Bull Terrier no es la mejor opción para aquellos que buscan perros guardianes, ya que son amables, incluso con los extraños. El comportamiento agresivo hacia los seres humanos no es característico de la raza.
Como ves la predisposición genética está, pero como bien dices, va a depender de su humano que el perro sea como es.
Un saludo y gracias por tu aporte!

Elma Ladra Blog 04/03/2018 - 08:46

Desde luego que es una buena «compilación de mentiras perrunas», jejejeje.

A mis humanos la de que tenía que ser madre al menos una vez se la contaron unos conocidos nada más verme y la de la falta de calcio (surrealista total) nos la contaron como experiencia propia (¡No te lo pierdas!) un día en el parque perruno. Imaginad nuestra cara…

admin 05/03/2018 - 08:47

¡Madre mía! Las leyendas urbanas siempre han hecho mucha pupa!

Pelúdity | Mucho más que estética canina 13/03/2018 - 11:51

¿Podemos añadir una nueva? «En verano hay que rapar al perro para que no pase calor». El pelo lo tienen para algo… ¡protegerse del sol! 😉

admin 13/03/2018 - 13:22

¡Muy buena! Muchas gracias! Es cierto!!!

Yo 02/04/2018 - 12:04

Aquí también hay cosas que no son ciertas. Por ejemplo que esterilizar evita cánceres. Los evita si los va a tener(que no lo sabemos), si no los iba a tener pues has sometido al animal a una operación con los riesgos que ello conlleva… Si no entonces las mujeres deberíamos realizarnos mastectomias para evitar el cáncer de mama, por ejemplo
Cero a favor de la esterilización y si a favor de la responsabilidad que acarrea tener un perro o una perra en este caso.

admin 02/04/2018 - 13:49

Respeto tu opinión, sin embargo, he hablado personalmente con varios veterinarios y absolutamente todo el personal profesional está a favor de la esterilización y sí, aparte de para poder controlar las camadas indeseadas, sí evitas multitud de problemas, y no solo cánceres: embarazos psicológicos, piometras, escapadas de casa, tormentas hormonales… Y el tema del cáncer, desafortunadamente, cada vez es más normal en perros, ¿por qué? Por el entorno en el que viven: contaminación, humo de tabaco, alimentación a base de químicos… No me lo invento, te aseguro que los propios veterinarios pueden argumentártelo mejor que yo. Y puestos a elegir, prefiero arriesgarme aunque no sepa si va a sufrir cáncer en un futuro a que luego tenga cáncer y me arrepienta toda la vida. ¿Riesgos por la esterilización? Cualquier operación conlleva sus riesgos pero yo soy más de prevenir que lamentar. He tenido perros toda mi vida, y no quiero pasar por todo lo que he pasado con los que no he esterilizado… Así que con Uma estoy con la conciencia bien tranquila, ella también está liberada del estrés y la ansiedad que provoca todo celo, libre de problemas relacionados con no esterilizar… y si lo pongo en una balanza está claro que el peso de la esterilización gana por goleada.
¡Un saludo y gracias por tu opinión!

Anita 08/05/2019 - 22:56

Hola? Los veterinarios claro que están a favor y muy a favor a la esterilización, es su gran negocio!!! Acaso hay alguna veterinaria que lo hace gratuito?! Y la comida casera es veneno para los perros, claro si en la veterinaria les puedes comprar de todo hasta tiritas de baicon con olor y sabor a baicon y muuuuuchoooo colorante lo favorito de los perros


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