10 razones por las que es mejor adoptar un perro que comprarlo

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adoptar un perro

I have had seven dogs in my entire life and they have all been adopted: Cuqui was a poodle that we found on the street, Chispa, Amara, Petardo, Jurgen, Nit and Uma were the result of unwanted litters. If I had been a person who prefers to buy dogs instead of adopting them, what would have happened to them?

Spain is a very dog-friendly country . There are no more and no less than 6.4 million dogs, unlike countries like Great Britain, Germany or France where the number of cats is much greater than the number of dogs.

This large number of dogs in our country causes more than 100,000 to be abandoned and end up in shelters, kennels or animal shelters. Of those more than 100,000, only 44% are adopted.

The rest of the dogs end up living their entire lives in a cage without a home or are directly euthanized due to lack of space, and that’s not counting the dogs that die from being run over or at the hands of inhuman beings.

It is for this reason, among many others that I will list, that adopting becomes the best option , both for the human and the animal.

10 reasons why it is better to adopt a dog than buy one:

  • As I have mentioned, just out of solidarity , just to change the world, a dog that you know will have few options to have a home is worth adopting. In shelters, kennels or shelters you can choose dogs of any breed, crossbreed, age, size, sex and temperament.
  • I can understand that there are people who are infatuated with a specific breed . That is no excuse not to adopt, since there are many places where the breed of dog you are looking for is waiting for you. You just have to open your search range further. Don’t stay in your city. There are mobile applications that make your task easier, such as Miwuki , where you can locate the dog you want in its large database. Don’t worry about transportation because nowadays you can’t go yourself, you can always try to try solidarity transportation.
  • Don’t be obsessed with wanting to adopt a puppy . Adult dogs also have many advantages: they already have a formed temperament, many are educated and already have a different energy.
  • Adopting a dog is practically free . They only ask for a symbolic amount to be able to cover some expenses. Keep in mind that most of these places such as shelters and shelters survive thanks to voluntary donations, therefore, the little money they ask for is more than justified, and has nothing to do with the money they usually ask for when they sell you a dog, which Yes, it is for pure business.
  • When you are going to adopt a dog, those responsible know how to inform you about which dog best suits your lifestyle . Not all dogs adapt to all people: rather passive or somewhat sedentary people cannot opt ​​for high energy dogs because behavioral problems would be common. When you are going to buy a dog, most people in charge want to do business, regardless of whether or not the dog fits into your lifestyle.
  • An adopted dog is perfect for a house with children : going to adopt a dog with the little ones in the house is a lesson in values ​​and living with the dog will be an extraordinarily positive emotional and physical experience for the child.
  • And let’s not forget the older ones. The companionship that a dog provides is priceless. A being who will accompany you wherever you go, who will give you all his love and who will never let you feel alone.
  • By adopting a dog you help reduce the mafias that traffic puppies in puppy farms. The ideal would be for this country to pass a law once and for all that prevents the purchase of pets and defends adoption but, as this is not yet the case, only we can do our bit to put an end to this.
  • The bond created between an adopted dog and a human is practically unbreakable. The dog that has lived within four walls, locked up and isolated from society is very grateful to his new adopter. The bond that is created is wonderful.
  • By adopting you do not trade with a being. Friends are not bought .

Uma, as I mentioned, is adopted. Uma is the result of an unwanted litter. Like her, hundreds of thousands of dogs need a chance . If you ever consider having a dog, please adopt.

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