¡Aprovechando un día soleado!

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After spending almost a week with cold, clouds and some rain, the weekend was spectacular. A winter sun that they are most grateful for and the best excuse to leave the house when it’s cold. So it was a good excursion on Sunday, and what a great time it was!

We went on a route along the coast again, because she usually goes through the countryside daily (we live near the countryside) and I’m still afraid to take her to the forest, since with the three operations on her eyes, a bad branch getting into her one and we’ve got it going again. But come on, Uma, delighted, because there is nothing she likes more than wallowing in the seaweed, you can already imagine the marine aroma with which she comes home… come on, straight to the bathtub she goes.

We did about 5 km. and he had a great time.

We begin the route along Es Canar beach, a luxury at this time because it is completely empty of people and the dogs can run freely without disturbing anyone.

beach excursion

We continue the route along the coast and the cliffs. The beauty of these excursions is that they allow you to alternate different types of landscape: sand, rocks, sea, forest…

beach excursion

As you can see, we keep her on a leash in dangerous areas. In this case, cliffs unfortunately don’t make her vertigo, and we were scared to death one day when she looked over one too many and almost slipped and fell off the cliff… I don’t want to remember it!

We continue the route along Cala Nova beach. The racing one that stuck!

Uma in action

We found locations that allowed for photos as beautiful as this one, in a beach restaurant.

beach trip with uma

We followed the route that allowed us until we bordered a wooded area. With so much moss, Uma looked like a figure from a nativity scene.

A hiker

When the tongue is already sticking out to the side, it is really starting to get tired, so we turned around and headed back home, but not before stopping to have our Sunday aperitif at the beach bar, where the dogs always You are welcome on your terrace.

And you? What have you done this weekend with your furry friend?

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3 comentarios

Covadonga 01/12/2015 - 14:39

¡Qué envidia me dais los que tenéis playa!!!

luis villaseca soto 01/12/2015 - 15:43

Que buena salida, me imagino cómo la disfrutó Uma!!! Saludos!!

Celia 02/12/2015 - 10:11

¡Qué suerte en la playa! Nosotras tenemos pendiente ir, además dos de las hijas de Lucca fueron adoptadas en ciudades con playa. ¡Así aprovechamos para visitarlas! 🙂

¡Un abrazo!


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