Una idea genial: ¡Amigos invisibles perrunos!

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Last year I discovered it but I didn’t get there in time, so this year I didn’t want to miss it. Can you imagine participating in a huge dog » Invisible Friend «? Well, the idea is alive thanks to the Instagram  @laguiadelperro  and @simpletybs , which every year invite all dog adopters to participate in this exciting initiative: Mail for my dog . At least to us! But what is it about and how to participate?

mail for my dog

It is an exchange of a completely anonymous gift pack to another adopter and their dog that must contain the following mandatory elements: a toy and a treat for the furry one and a little card for the human. They are the minimum and mandatory elements although it depends on each person whether to add more gifts or work harder on the pack. Given that it is an initiative that takes place on Instagram and that it is a beautiful community of dog lovers, you can have a close relationship with some of the followers, so if this is the case, you can always do more with the gift. Now, my first experience has been with a dog and his human that I follow but with whom I have not had much relationship so I do not know the dog very well, so now it will be time to investigate through the photos what may excite him. both. How exciting!

This year the opportunity to participate has already been closed, but if you want to participate next year, remember that participation is only open for one week, towards the second week of November and that to participate you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Have a public Instagram account from Spain.
  • Leave your email in a comment under the photo of the advertisement that advertises «Mail for my dog» (photo image)
  • In a few minutes a form to participate will be sent to your email that you must answer and send.
  • In a few days you will receive the human and the dog to whom you have given the pack.
  • Prepare the gift completely anonymously. Never say who touched you! The surprise factor must be maintained until the end.

How cool is it? Well, if you dare to participate, you already know that next year you should not miss this fun and exciting initiative. We are already looking for gifts!

mail for my dog

Hands and hooves to work!

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Eva 21/11/2016 - 12:42

Es una iniciativa muy chula. A mí me hubiese encantado participar, pero me ha dado cosilla: con la edad, mi pobre Kenzo ya pasa absolutamente de juguetes y tampoco come chuches porque su estómago no aguanta bien otra cosa más allá de su pienso. En fin, pero esperamos disfrutar mucho con las fotitos que vayáis poniendo y mientras le doy mi regalo especial, que son muchas caricias y un montón de besos…

admin 21/11/2016 - 16:52

Claro que sí, Eva! No hay mejor regalo para Kenzo que los mimos, que se los merece todos y en cantidades industriales!


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