«Colmillo blanco», no te pierdas su estreno en los cines

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Colmillo Blanco

Many of us knew the book or the movie «White Fang», with a very young Ethan Hawke in a spectacular role… so we were excited watching that movie! But now » White Fang » returns to our movie screens as an animated film , and you don’t know how happy I am, because let’s be clear… dogs or any animal should participate in any film production because then the deal comes to light given and we are scandalized.

White Fang

I don’t want to spoil anything about the film but I do invite you to watch the trailer, it will undoubtedly leave you wanting to see it in the cinema.

» Fang White » is the first feature film by director Alexandre Espigares, who won an Oscar® for best animated short film in 2014 for “Mr Hublot”. Now, he has adapted the novel written by Jack London in 1906 and which already had a film adaptation in 1991, but until now it had never been carried out in animated form.

Realism and careful animation are mixed in the spectacular Canadian landscapes that the film offers us and that invites us, children and adults, to reflect on good and evil, love and violence, but above all, it teaches us the value of respect. to nature and animals.

White Fang

As a dog lover, this is an essential film: excitement is more than guaranteed. You will accompany the White Fang puppy from his childhood to his adult life in a fight to survive not only the dangers of nature but a greater danger: humans.

If you have never seen White Fang, I definitely recommend that you discover it, and if you have already seen it or read the book, rediscover it and be moved again in this animated film that will make you shed a few tears. Insured!

I’m aiming for its release in all theaters: June 15, 2018. Tell me your impressions when you see it!

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