«Salvar a Sadie», una historia real que te emocionará

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Salvar a Sadie

The last book I read is » Saving Sadie «, a book based on the true story of Sadie, a dying dog who was saved only by a miracle. And that miracle has her name: her adopter Joal Derse Dauer, author of the book and inspiration of this story of raising awareness against animal abandonment and abuse in general.

Saving Sadie: How a dog nobody wanted inspired the world

Yes, because Sadie is the story of improvement with a beginning that makes your hair stand on end but with an ending still unfinished because Sadie is still alive and, in the United States, her native country, she has become a symbol of respect and acceptance of that which is different.

save sadie

Sadie’s story is terrible : a dog who was only used for giving birth and when her adopter got tired, he finally decided to take her out of her cage to walk through a forest. Sadie felt free and happy because her adopter finally let her leave those four walls in which she only dedicated herself to raising and breastfeeding her babies. What she didn’t know was that that happiness was going to turn into a nightmare, well, no. It was a walk to stretch her legs and feel free, it was the place her adopter decided to shoot her twice and finish her off.

Fortunately, fate made some people hear the shots and come to see what had happened. They found Sadie lying on the ground with a shot in the head and another in her back, but she lived! So they decided to take her to a shelter where a miracle happened: she met Joal Desre who did the impossible to help Sadie survive and today, although paralyzed, she travels throughout the United States accompanying her adopter, Joal, passionate about animals, activist and lecturer, who has achieved that Sadie has become the official mascot against abuse and for the acceptance of diversity.

If you want to get excited and believe in miracles, I recommend this reading. You’re going to love it. I don’t want to say anything more but each page of the book is full of truth and love for animals.

save sadie

How to get Save Sadie?

You can get it very easily in both ebook and book format . A 288-page book with photographs and separated into 14 chapters.

Do you want a pathography of Sadie?

We were left with the regret of not being able to go because we would love to meet it but it is quite far away. Now, if you live in Madrid or can go to Madrid, this coming Saturday, June 9, you can stop by the Madrid Book Fair, at the Berkana Bookstore Stand starting at 5 p.m. where you can take a Sadie pathography.

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