«El gran libro de los perros», un libro imprescindible para los amantes de los perros

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el gran libro de los perros

When I heard about «The Great Book of Dogs» I thought it was a book that talked about dogs in general, their breeds, curiosities…

However, I have found a surprising and indispensable book that collects in its more than 400 pages the best stories, essays and poems of universal canine literature .

The Big Book of Dogs

» The Great Book of Dogs » is the typical book that you love to have in your small library, not only because of its content in which we can read such well-known authors as Virginia Woolf, Carmen Martín Gaite, Miguel de Cervantes, Mark Twain, Miguel Delibes, Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, Francisco Umbral, Charles Dickinsen, Rafael Alberti, Arthur Miller, Voltaire, Antonio Machado, Agatha Christie, Valle Inclán and countless other names who, at some point in their lives, wrote about dogs and what inspired them when writing.

the big book of dogs

I said that it is not only worth having it in your bookstore because of its content, but also because its binding is wonderful. A hardcover book with well-crafted illustrations to always bring a smile. A book edited with great care for our delight.

«The Big Book of Dogs» is divided into six parts:

  • Good dogs.
  • Attentive dogs.
  • Bad dogs.
  • Dogs that think.
  • Dogs that I have never seen again.
  • Dogs that change you.

It is a compilation of seventy-six long pieces and two hundred doggy quotes, each one by a different author paying homage to our best friends.

We owe this compilation to the publisher Blackie Books, which as a curiosity I will tell you that the publisher is called Blackie, after the dog that inspired its name.

My opinion

We know that opinions are something very subjective and that what I may like may not please another person, however, I have loved this anthology of universal canine literature and I have no doubt that everyone will like it, precisely, due to the variety of authors and content, each with their own literary style but united by a common theme: what a dog inspired in their days, whether in story, poem or quote format.

the big book of dogs

It is easy to read, it is a very nice book (the illustrations and the care with which it has been edited make it a little gem) and the stories, short stories and quotes make each story fall short.

It is the book that, being a dog lover and a reading lover , you would love to receive as a gift. Oh really!

Where to get «The Big Book of Dogs»

You can get «The Big Book of Dogs» on Amazon or in large bookstores and stores.

If you are already thinking about what to give for Christmas, I assure you that this book will be a great gift and if you want it for yourself, put it on your wish list now!

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Carolina 08/11/2018 - 16:11

Gracias por el dato, voy a ir a la librería a comprarla 🙂

admin 08/11/2018 - 18:49

¡Te va a encantar!


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