«Un amor muy perro», un cómic dedicado al mundo amoroso del perro

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Un amor muy perro

Whether you are a lover of pugs or pugs or dogs in general, you will love the comic «A very doglike love» by illustrator Gemma Correll and will make you laugh more than once. And she owes it all to her two pugs: Bella «The Stinky» and Mr. Norman «Snoring» who have inspired her to write and illustrate this fun, loving and super cute comic.

A very dog ​​love

This illustrated comic can easily become a good birthday gift or a nice Christmas gift for dog lovers. You will not fail! It has 64 pages of great illustrations and vignettes accompanied by loving dog tips, super easy and quick to read.

A very dog ​​love

Who is Gemma Correll?

Gemma Correll is a young English illustrator who moved to California to work in her design and illustration studio. Although she works on commissions, she also has time to create her own cartoons and comics, where she captures her anxiety and depression problems, using her cartoons as an escape.

With a dozen books published, today he presents us with a very comical comic » A very doglike love

But what is the book about?

«A Very Dogish Love» by Gemma Correll

Neither more nor less than how to manage loving relationships between two dogs (but totally applicable to human love). From the point of view of a pug, and through hilarious vignettes, the book gives doggy advice on how to bond with another dog, how to start a relationship, how to keep the flame of doggy love alive or even how to get over a breakup. I confess that I laughed a lot! How can you not laugh at paragraphs like this?

A very dog ​​love

If you have or know a pug, you will immediately identify it through the love advice and illustrations in the comic. As a lover of dogs, reading and especially comics, I couldn’t miss one in my bookstore, so if you want to get one just like it for yourself or as a gift, I assure you that you won’t regret it. You can do it by purchasing it on Amazon or the Editorial Platform  for just over €10. I already have a few reserved to give as gifts this Christmas!

A very dog ​​love

And Uma too, who reminds her of her cousin Woody who, by the way, is a pug.

Did you know this dog comic or its author? For me it has been a discovery, and I will not hesitate to follow it closely.

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Eva 26/09/2016 - 17:33

No conocía este cómic, pero lo apunto. A mí me regalaron hace poco uno de la editorial Astiberri, «Mi perro: esa paradoja». Muy divertido y recomendable para la gente que tenga perro.

admin 26/09/2016 - 20:52

Sí, Eva! Lo conozco! Muy bueno ese libro y muy emocionante, a mí se me saltó la lagrimilla…
Un abrazo!


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